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Quest Groups, It's all about who we know

Not Just Networking, Connecting

For the last 15 years, Quest Groups has made it a priority for strategy and growth to develop strong relationships with the venture capital community and tomorrow’s brightest companies. With our core focus in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, we know who the key players are and what they’re looking for because it’s our speciality.

A good venture capitalist knows that it takes more than funding to build a strong portfolio, it also takes top talent. Our VC relationships expose us to candidates that are the difference-makers who help companies scale up successfully. This is how we bring the best human capital to the table and how to apply that talent to a successful company. We believe that it’s not the valuation that makes a company success, it’s the talent.

We Can Work With You, No Strings Attached

We introduce top candidates to your portfolio of companies under no obligation, on a contingency basis. We know the right talent that will give you the competitive edge you need to make your company a success. Remember that if you don’t meet them through us, someone else will.

The Quest Groups Network: a Win-Win Situation

With Quest Groups connecting the best talent with VC firms, it’s a network that helps everyone win. We are the missing link between your quest for investments, and we know the entrepreneurs with the ideas, attitude, experience and ability to make it happen.

If you’re a VC firm or investor looking to connect with our talent network, or an entrepreneur looking to connect to our VC network, contact us, or call us at 1-650-328-4100.