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Connecting Hand Selected Talent and Emerging Companies

Top Talent for Tomorrow’s Top Companies

Quest Groups specializes in hiring for early-stage to high-growth emerging companies specializing in disruptive technologies driven by venture capital investments or entrepreneurs looking to scale up their venture. We take time to nurture and develop our network, so when you’re ready to staff up, our groups dedicated to specific industries and verticals are ready to connect you to our contacts. Our real value shines with our extensive database of approximately a half-million top-tier candidates, which we’ve been continuously building for the last 15 years. If we’re not already connected to them, we know how to find them.

We Know How to Scale for Your Success

With our unique approach, recruiters work in teams dedicated to specific verticals, so we know the industry and what kind of person or people it will take to make a startup succeed. It’s this know-how that makes us predictive, not reactive, and a well-informed and connected client champion.

What We Can Do for Your Company

We know the intangibles of the successful search. We know how to listen to your needs and devise a plan to attract the best candidates and help you scale your growth successfully. We can simplify your hiring process by taking full control to help find the perfect CEO for your startup, or connect you to a pool of top talent to staff an entire division. We can manage the process end-to-end exclusively on or offsite, hire on a contingency basis, or retainer fee. Quest Groups will help you find the difference-makers needed to become a truly disruptive company.

To tap into our network of top-tier talent, contact us at, or call us at 650.328.4100.