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Exceptional Candidates in an Exceptional Network

Quest Groups only works with candidates who are at the top of their game – people who strive to be better, have the right attitude, and who have the exceptional skills to succeed. We place candidates from executive-level to engineers to product marketing, business development and sales. We invest in our longstanding relationships with top companies and talent because we believe it’s the talent that makes a company successful.

We Get to Know You, and It Stays That Way

We are not a “dial-for-dollars” recruiting firm with heavy turnover who will forget your name after an introduction. Unlike other firms, we develop relationships with top candidates that become just as strong as those we’ve developed with venture capital firms and the companies they’re funding. We are a fierce client champion, and we’re not satisfied with your next move until you are. Our recruiting teams work together to put you in the best position for growth. We take pride in your candidacy and work at your pace. We listen, prioritize and mentor each candidate for each search.

A Predictive, Not Reactive, Approach to Connecting Talent and Trends

Our longstanding ties with the venture capital community and disruptive technology startups allow us to know what new and emerging cutting-edge technology companies are on the horizon before everyone else. We have our finger on the pulse of what’s next. We know the companies you want to connect with before you may even know who they are. Most importantly, we understand the dynamics of an early-stage to high-growth startup. We know how to scale new ventures and who to scale them with. Will it be you?