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Where is the Silver Lining in a Tech Market Correction?

07.13.2017 | Entrepreneurs, Startups, Tech News, Uncategorized | Marketing

In the technology market today, the term “unicorn” is on the decline, according to an article on Techcrunch. These privately funded businesses that are valued at $1 billion dollars or more, are turning out to be overvalued and making an impact on the market. Many people have spoken about a market correction coming. As recruiters, we… MORE »

What Apple Upgrades Will You Take Advantage Of?

06.09.2017 | Tech News | Marketing

What are the new updates to the Apple macOS and the iPad? In Apple’s release this week, Tim Cook covered 6 big announcements including changes to the Apple macOS and iPad Pro. What are these updates and how will it benefit the current users? The current Apple Mac has the operating system “Sierra”. Apple has… MORE »