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What a Recruiter Sees in Your Resume

02.09.2017 | Candidates, Hiring | Marketing

Your resume at a Glance We would like to share some advice that we have been giving people about    their resumes for years about the “glance test”. As recruiters we look at resumes all day long. Because we, as recruiters make our living matching talent to incredible start-up companies, we pay extra attention to… MORE »

Talentpair Hires Senior Data Scientist Jed Crosby

04.21.2015 | Hiring, Startups | Marketing

Holding degrees in applied math from Harvard and the University of Washington as well as a Masters in Scientific Computing from Stanford, Jed has worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and was the first person to hold the title of Data Scientist at Jed has a passion for unlocking hidden value in data… MORE »

Talentpair Hires Senior Product Manager Russ Pochop

04.21.2015 | Hiring, Startups | Marketing

  Russ Pochop spent 23 yrs in the technology world in Seattle. He prefers the startup realm to the Dilbert-meets-Office-Space corporate experience – a brief stint at Microsoft further drove this preference home. Russ has held multiple titles (Program Mgr, Product Mgr, Product Owner, etc.) in his career – the common thread being that they… MORE »

Talentpair Hires Software Engineer Dan Fellin

04.21.2015 | Hiring, Startups | Marketing

During the height of the Great Recession, Dan graduated with an MA in History. One thing led to another, and he wound up at a solid yet boring accounting job. Every Friday was consumed by a particularly dull spreadsheet data entry task. One day, Dan discovered Excel macros. The task usually took 8 hours. With… MORE »

Product Manager – Boise Idaho

11.10.2014 | Candidates, Hiring, Marketing, Startups, Uncategorized | Marketing

Product Manager   About Talentpair Talentpair is a talent matching platform that combines cutting-edge data science and beautiful interfaces with years of recruiting experience to connect employers with the right candidates.  We are based in Boise, ID.   Description Talentpair is looking for a dynamic, smart and fearless product manager to join our growing team…. MORE »