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Where is the Technology?

05.05.2017 | Candidates, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Startups | Marketing

What Tech Hubs are Rising to the top? What are the current hot spots for startups? The top 20 places to launch a tech startup are found all over the world according to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017. The US was able to solidify five of the top ten spots in this report. It… MORE »

Employee Retention from a Recruiter’s Perspective

02.07.2017 | Companies, Entrepreneurs | Marketing

Employee retention is an important key to success in your business. Turnover is costly and disruptive. The cost to replaceĀ an employee can often be significant. The time and money needed to recruit and hire a replacement employee is only part of the headache. You need to consider training as well as the cost of other… MORE »