Advice to be Successful in Your Sales Career

09.12.2017 | Uncategorized | Marketing

What advice would you give a rookie in a sales position? This is a question that every company should ask themselves and their management. Our partners and managers had the opportunity to answer this question and here are some of their responses: “Be Persistent” Things take time, so don’t give up after a month. Impressive things… MORE »

Where is the Silver Lining in a Tech Market Correction?

07.13.2017 | Entrepreneurs, Startups, Tech News, Uncategorized | Marketing

In the technology market today, the term “unicorn” is on the decline, according to an article on Techcrunch. These privately funded businesses that are valued at $1 billion dollars or more, are turning out to be overvalued and making an impact on the market. Many people have spoken about a market correction coming. As recruiters, we… MORE »

What Apple Upgrades Will You Take Advantage Of?

06.09.2017 | Tech News | Marketing

What are the new updates to the Apple macOS and the iPad? In Apple’s release this week, Tim Cook covered 6 big announcements including changes to the Apple macOS and iPad Pro. What are these updates and how will it benefit the current users? The current Apple Mac has the operating system “Sierra”. Apple has… MORE »

Meet the Newest Members of QG!

05.26.2017 | Uncategorized | Marketing

This is Samantha “Richie” Richardson. She is the newest member of the Silicon Valley Engineering team. Samantha worked at Cradlepoint, as an account manager before joining the Quest Groups team. She has a degree in Organizational Communication from ISU. Samantha is from Idaho and enjoys crafting, lifting and flag football. One thing that most people… MORE »

Where is the Technology?

05.05.2017 | Candidates, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Startups | Marketing

What Tech Hubs are Rising to the top? What are the current hot spots for startups? The top 20 places to launch a tech startup are found all over the world according to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017. The US was able to solidify five of the top ten spots in this report. It… MORE »

What a Recruiter Sees in Your Resume

02.09.2017 | Candidates, Hiring | Marketing

Your resume at a Glance We would like to share some advice that we have been giving people about    their resumes for years about the “glance test”. As recruiters we look at resumes all day long. Because we, as recruiters make our living matching talent to incredible start-up companies, we pay extra attention to… MORE »

Employee Retention from a Recruiter’s Perspective

02.07.2017 | Companies, Entrepreneurs | Marketing

Employee retention is an important key to success in your business. Turnover is costly and disruptive. The cost to replace an employee can often be significant. The time and money needed to recruit and hire a replacement employee is only part of the headache. You need to consider training as well as the cost of other… MORE »

What is the next move?

02.06.2017 | Startups | Marketing

Recruiting has become one of a company’s hardest things to do. In this day in age finding quality employees can be frustrating and oftentimes difficult. Some blame it on the skills gap and others blame it on too many people applying for one position, making the hiring manager’s job more difficult. We have taken a… MORE »

Talentpair Hires Senior Data Scientist Jed Crosby

04.21.2015 | Hiring, Startups | Marketing

Holding degrees in applied math from Harvard and the University of Washington as well as a Masters in Scientific Computing from Stanford, Jed has worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and was the first person to hold the title of Data Scientist at Jed has a passion for unlocking hidden value in data… MORE »

Talentpair Hires Senior Product Manager Russ Pochop

04.21.2015 | Hiring, Startups | Marketing

  Russ Pochop spent 23 yrs in the technology world in Seattle. He prefers the startup realm to the Dilbert-meets-Office-Space corporate experience – a brief stint at Microsoft further drove this preference home. Russ has held multiple titles (Program Mgr, Product Mgr, Product Owner, etc.) in his career – the common thread being that they… MORE »