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Who We Know, Who do you know

It’s All About Who We Know

Hiring is the most important decision for any company’s success. Our client companies and the VC firms we work with have both the knowledge and experience required to succeed from an investment, operational and strategic standpoint. On the other hand, our top tier candidates have the unique background and experience needed to help these companies grow. Quest Groups has leveraged our relationships and “know how” to connect and scale all three: the candidate’s career; the company’s talent base; and the VC firm’s investments.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve developed strong relationships with the most innovative and successful venture capital firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because these VCs back some of the hottest companies, our relationships put us in the best position to connect them with the highest tier of candidates, whether they’re on or off the market.

It’s all about who we know–VCs, COMPANIES, & CANDIDATES—and the trust we’ve built with all three parties that sets them all up for success.

Specialties and Verticals

Each vertical has a team of Quest Groups recruiters assigned to it. Instead of working with one candidate or one company at a time, our teams have as many as four recruiters focusing on a single client, and filling open positions with the right candidates as efficiently as possible. Our Specialties and Verticals include:

  • Disruptive Technology Driven
    by VC Investments
  • Social Media
  • Community
  • Display Advertising Technology
  • iPhone / iPad / Android
  • Mobile/Wireless
  • Communications
  • Security
  • Green Collar Speciality
  • Payments/E-commerce
  • Infrastructure