Tell All: My Social Media Love Triangle

04.02.2013 | Candidates, Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Startups | Marketing

By Marni Mires

This is the story of how I ended up in a social media love triangle with several different social media sites. Like any good story, it has highs and lows, an emotional goodbye and a happily ever after. Contrary to popular belief, relationships involving more than two parties can be very successful. I’ll explain how mine came to be and why my company and career have both benefited in the process.

When I started my job at Quest Groups in July of 2005, I was in a relationship with one social media site.  His name, probably a familiar name to many and one of the most popular in the world, was Facebook.  Our “dating” began in college and slowly each year the relationship grew more and more serious.  Initially, we hung out one or two times a week but as the years passed we were inseparable, checking in with each other five, six, even dare I say, ten times a day.  He made me feel so many different emotions: happy, sad, jealous, angry, anxious, and yet I couldn’t let him go, he had become part of me.  However, he wasn’t just mine, he was millions upon millions of peoples’ boyfriend, girlfriend and best friend. It’s hard at times to share your boyfriend with so many others, it’s similar to a day in the life of the “The Bachelor.”  Even though sharing was difficult, it also bought me closer to so many people that without him would have never crossed my life again.  It was absolutely a love/hate relationship but at the end of the day, there was always, always more good than bad. I felt like Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain – it was a clear “I just can’t quit you!” relationship.

Since Facebook and I weren’t in an exclusive relationship, my interest was piqued when shortly after joining Quest Groups, another social media site came into my life, LinkedIn.  LinkedIn was a different type of relationship, more like the kind you have with a co-worker. Stable, predictable and like many relationships nowadays, it blossomed in the workplace. In fact, we only associated when I was working, our relationship was extremely professional yet proved to be very useful. Similar to Facebook, I was able to connect and interact with people that I never would have known existed without LinkedIn.  Since our connection in 2005, I have gained a network of over 500+ people and growing.  LinkedIn is the best relationship for support and encouragement, making our company and me money every day by helping us find new, smart, and talented people. LinkedIn is always helping us grow and improve.

For years, it was just the three of us: Facebook, LinkedIn and I. We were the three amigos.  They were useful to me on a personal and professional level and I felt that I was useful to them.  Sure, I tried out others. There was the short stint on, which ended in me going on a date with a guy whose face weighed about fifty pounds more in person than it did in his profile picture.  Then the even shorter stint on eHarmony, where I was constantly inundated with request to date people that lived thousands of miles away from me.  I played around with Pinterest, Instagram and a few others but nothing was as entertaining or magnetic as F & L.

Then in 2012, another social media site entered my sweet little life: Twitter. Thus far Twitter has been a whirlwind and high energy relationship.  It was constantly updating me, distracting me (in the best way), and keeping me on my toes. My relationship with Twitter was similar to my relationship with LinkedIn; very professional and also something used mainly as a work tool to interact with companies, candidates, colleagues and to share articles about tech trends. Though I pray I will one day be re-tweeted by someone super cool with millions of followers (i.e. Ashton Kutcher).  Sure, it only gives me 140 characters because Twitter is young and has a short attention span but you have unlimited tweets so when you reach the cap, you can simply hit publish, and then tweet some more.  The catalyst that brought the ever-nosy Twitter into my life was Quest Groups’ newest and first marketing employee who came onboard last year and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

You see, Quest Groups has been a high tech recruiting firm in the nation for over 15 years.  We successfully help start-ups build and scale their teams, we build relationships with VCs, have sponsored TC Disrupt, have continued to see success and gain notoriety year after year.  We were simply tired of being heard but not seen.  We wanted and needed to market and promote our overall awesomeness.  So, we updated our company bio page with professional mug shots, we updated our jobs page, got a corporate Facebook account (Please – Like us!), a corporate Twitter account (Please – Follow us!) and a new attitude about social media.  We had been rocking it in the recruiting world for almost two decades and now we were looking to rock it on the web!

So there you have it folks, my slow but so far successful social media relationship evolution as well as Quest Groups’ breakout to the world wide web.  I like the threesome I am currently in with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but honestly with the way this world and blog-o-sphere are growing I may have to open my mind up to a ‘moresome’.  That’s not to say that some people don’t enjoy a monogamous relationship with one social media site but that is just not me.  Facebook keeps me personally and emotionally involved in all my friends and families’ lives, LinkedIn keeps me connected to the business savvy peeps of this generation, and Twitter, well Twitter, keeps me in the know.  Which at Quest Groups and in the big bad world of recruiting, it is all about “Who do you know?”






Marni Mires is a Recruiting Manager for the San Francisco Technical Team at Quest Groups. She qualified and ran the Boston Marathon in 2012 and ran the Chicago Marathon in 3:34! Marni appreciates the finer things in life like good candy and the show “Girls,” she continually beats everyone at plank contests and loves to travel the world with her family.