Senior Automation QA Engineer

12.21.2012 | Uncategorized | QuestAuthor

The Quality Assurance Engineer will script automated tests and troubleshoot, to make our product work beautifully. This person will also track and support our initial deployments in our pilot market.

• Develop and execute manual and automated test strategies to analyze a complex software system
• Troubleshoot and isolate defects
• Provide regular status reports and updates, and timely communication
• Integrate with ground team to understand usability concerns
• Provide technical support to ground personnel
• Serve as active member of the development team
• Track and support 5,000+ software deployments

• BS in Computer Science or equivalent
• Knowledge of the software development life cycle
• Strong problem solving, communication, and prioritization skills
• Ability to write automated test scripts
• Experience creating secure systems and verifying their robustness
• Enthusiastic, independent, proactive, flexible, and cooperative