UX/Visual Designer

12.21.2012 | Uncategorized | QuestAuthor

As a UX & Visual Designer, you will participate in the product design from inception to deployment and beyond. Our definition of UX means everything that affects the experience. Coding is not required, but you get bonus points if you are strong at markup and prototyping. But this is a product design position first and foremost. Web, mobile, tablet, possibly even in store Point of Sale.

We believe in building fast and testing a range of idea. Quick qualitative testing is at your disposal, but quantitative AB testing is where we learn the most.

Here’s who you are:

– 1-4 years experience designing for consumer facing digital products or services. e-commerce is a plus.
– prolific at generating a range of ideas, solutions, concepts. the more the better. and the faster the better.
– comfortable with or interested in designing in a data-driven, AB testing process. discussions are around what was learned, what’s working and what should be tested next. we learn what our users want and don’t force our own opinions on them.
– ideally your mobile / tablet experience is more than just owning them.
– lean and mean is your preference, not bureaucracy.
– you’re really good at whatever tools you use.

Stellar online portfolio is the first filter in our selection process. Please provide one when applying.