Senior PHP engineer – Zend

12.21.2012 | Uncategorized | QuestAuthor

The care and feeding of these massive dynamic datasets, coupled with the reliability, tracking, security, and performance required to execute financial transactions, presents a real challenge. We meet this challenge with a methodology is lightweight yet structured, accommodating the complexity of our work while keeping things flexible and fun. The basic stack you should be comfortable with is:

– Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
– JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS
– The MVC design pattern and MVC frameworks
– REST APIs using XML and JSON
– Familiarity with the Zend Framework, Doctrine, and SVN a plus

With this stack as a base, our engineers are willing to pick up any of the languages, technologies, or methodologies necessary to do the job at hand, and are comfortable moving between front end, back end, and architecture roles as required to create resilient and scalable solutions.