Advice to be Successful in Your Sales Career

09.12.2017 | Uncategorized | Marketing


What advice would you give a rookie in a sales position? This is a question that every company should ask themselves and their management. Our partners and managers had the opportunity to answer this question and here are some of their responses:

“Be Persistent”

Things take time, so don’t give up after a month. Impressive things take years to do. Trust in your team, they will teach and guide you to be the best. Do not ride the highs too high and the lows too low. A lot of careers depend on the economy and fluctuate in revenue and sales. Be persistent in the process and the rest will follow.

“Be a Sponge”

Soak in everything happening around you. Stay focused and utilize what you have learned from your team and other teams. The more you can absorb throughout your career the more valuable you are.

“The Phone is Money”

The dial tone is the sound of the money, especially in sales. Be on the phone and immerse yourself in the market. Know what you are talking about and if you don’t know, research it. Find the answers to the questions people are asking you and the questions you have. Know where the market is at now and how you can use it to your advantage.

“Stay Organized”

Make sure you answer every email as quickly as possible. Stay focused on the task at hand. If you jump around too much you will miss things. Work smarter not harder. Though it may get busy, pace yourself and make sure you are not cutting corners.


Make sure you are taking the time to build lasting relationships. You need to know your consumers and what they want. Relationships are built around trust. Listen to them and offer them the things that will suit their needs.

If you utilize these tips you will become a master in any sales position. Most jobs are overwhelming. Make sure you stick to the basics and focus on helping the customer, not yourself.