What Apple Upgrades Will You Take Advantage Of?

06.09.2017 | Tech News | Marketing

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What are the new updates to the Apple macOS and the iPad? In Apple’s release this week, Tim Cook covered 6 big announcements including changes to the Apple macOS and iPad Pro. What are these updates and how will it benefit the current users?

The current Apple Mac has the operating system “Sierra”. Apple has since upgraded macOS to “High Sierra”. The newly renovated macOS includes video auto play blocking when visiting different websites as well as tracking prevention. The tracking prevention uses machine learning to stop outside sources from tracking your purchases and from trying sell to you it in the future. Photo editing and imaging were also upgraded. It now has facial recognition to help sort and file your memories as well as improvements to the editing structure. Now you can modify colors in a selective range and all your edits automatically sync to your library when you exit. The new OS will also have the Apple filing system as the default and upgrades to Virtual Reality. The graphics and support for the VR has helped to make it a game changer for Apple. You can change your virtual world, while in it with your controllers and play within minutes. Plus, the graphics are unbelievable. Are you ready to upgrade your macOS system?

The release of the 2017 iPad Pro came with many improvements. Apple increased the iPad Pro screen by 20%. It went from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inches. By increasing the size of the iPad they are able to display a full-size onscreen keyboard as well as being able to attach to a smart keyboard. Even with the increase in size the iPad Pro still weighs only 1 pound. The iPad still has the same 10-hour battery and holds the same camera as the iPhone 7. The new update for iPad, iOS 11, has a lower dock that can be filled with apps. From there you can pull up an app on top of another and put it into slide over view for multitasking. There is a new app switcher as well as multi select drag and drop feature. The new keyboard for the iPad has a swipe feature that will allow access to numbers and punctuation on the main keyboard. Are you willing to pay up for the newest iPad?

There are many updates to Apple products this year, far too many to mention in this article. The overhaul of the Mac OS and the iPad are phenomenal in themselves. For more information on the updates or to see the full Keynote, click on the following link: