Where is the Technology?

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What Tech Hubs are Rising to the top?

What are the current hot spots for startups? The top 20 places to launch a tech startup are found all over the world according to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017. The US was able to solidify five of the top ten spots in this report. It is no surprise that Silicon Valley is number one on the list. Silicon Valley has an average of 14,000 startups that are active right now in the tech sector, with an average of 45 days to hire talent. New York came in second on the list with an average of 7,000 active startups. In New York the average time to hire is half that of Silicon Valley, 24.

Boston came in fifth in the world with 3,500 active startups. Boston is known for its high density of talent in the engineering and science areas but struggles with a global reach. Coming in at number nine is Los Angeles. It is home to around 4,000 tech startups. L.A. was named the Top Digital City in America. Here they have a strong number of startups and talent in engineering but they suffer with bringing in new talent, startup experience and their market reach.

Last, but not least, coming in at number ten is Seattle. It Is home to more than 2,300 tech startups. Seattle has some of the best technical talent and has one of the highest marks for technology experience. I am sure there are a lot of other places in the world and throughout the US we can think of as emerging technology hubs. If you are looking to launch a startup or you are looking to begin a career in the tech industry, you may take a moment and read the report cited above to see what location works best for you.


What is Trending in Tech & Where?

California’s Trending Technology                               New York’s Trending Technology

Artificial Intelligence                                                                 Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning & Deep learning                                         Virtual Reality

Robotics                                                                                        Fintech

IoT                                                                                                  IoT

Fintech                                                                                           Augmented Reality

*Catch us next month when we dive into what it takes to launch a startup.

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