Employee Retention from a Recruiter’s Perspective

02.07.2017 | Companies, Entrepreneurs | Marketing

workEmployee retention is an important key to success in your business. Turnover is costly and disruptive. The cost to replace an employee can often be significant. The time and money needed to recruit and hire a replacement employee is only part of the headache. You need to consider training as well as the cost of other employees making up the work load or the work not getting done at all. All of these costs can combine and average out to the annual salary of the employee that left.

Quest Groups is able to assess and find talented individuals that that will help your business grow. Our professional recruiting teams take the time to find the right fit and experience to meet your needs. This goes beyond the bullet points and delves in to the factors that we know will make a new hire successful. This article gives some different tips for employee retention that we know will helpout greatly when recruiting and hiring an employee.

· Making sure you find the right employee for the job. As recruiters we listen to the needs of your emerging company. We take the time to find the right person for the job. Not only making sure they have the skills needed to perform but also that they will be a great cultural fit for your organization.

· Making the sky the limit. We are not talking about money here. Yes you need to pay an employee fairly but there is more to it than that. We are talking about growth. Your employees want to be successful and in order to do this they need to be able to grow personally as well as professionally within the company. People spend a lot of time at work, so to foster an employee’s desire for success, we always need to be challenging them in new ways.

· Buy-in. This is so important to retaining an employee.If an employee does not buy into what you are selling or what the company stands for, they will not last long. When interviewing make sure it is someone that is passionate about what they do and what your company does.

· Compassion for employees. Showing employees that you care about them as an individual, not just a skill set for the company. “Bringing them into the family of the startup…” and letting them know this is not just a job, this is a career. This will make them feel appreciated and vested in the company and your valued employees will stay around.

· The ability for an employee to speak their mind freely. There should always be an open door policy in every organization. Employees like to feel engaged and that their opinions really matter. Making sure the lines of communication are always open allows this type of interaction. Employees like to know how they are doing and how the company is doing as well as what they can improve on.

·Making sure you have a clear job description with your recruiter is curtail to getting the right employee for the position. Expectations on skill set and the culture of the company need to be very well-defined. When we talk to candidates we can assess how well of a fit they will be for your developing company.

Here at Quest Groups we work with the top talent in the United States. We work with the newest up-and-coming businesses and make finding the right employee a breeze for those who work with us. Finding the right employee as well as maintaining the employees you have is an important part of growing your business. These tips will help guide you in your employee pursuit and retention process.