What is the next move?

02.06.2017 | Startups | Marketing

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Recruiting has become one of a company‚Äôs hardest things to do. In this day in age finding quality employees can be frustrating and oftentimes difficult. Some blame it on the skills gap and others blame it on too many people applying for one position, making the hiring manager’s job more difficult. We have taken a look at the work force and how outsourcing the recruiting can benefit your company.
A couple of decades ago jobs were posted for a position and applicants were required to know a certain set of skills. If a company was hiring for a marketing position the person would need to know commercial and print advertising, audience factors and how to run advertising campaigns. Today we see every role in an organization becoming more cross functional. Currently hiring for a marketing role, a person would need to know digital marketing, social media, all types of advertising, analytics, campaign management, along with inbound and outbound marketing, data collection and knowledge of the industry they are applying for. With all the new requirements coming into the marketplace it becomes more difficult to find the right set of skills for the job.
Once the application field has been narrowed down to the right set of skills, there are still factors that need to be considered. Is this person a good fit for the company/startup? Do they follow the same vision, culture and growth that the company fosters? Are they going to be here long term? Taking all of this into consideration, while weeding out applicants, takes a significant amount of time and can be a daunting process. No one said recruiting was easy but this is where we can help to ease that burden.
Outsourcing recruiting for a company can help management to focus on other things and to not stress over the number of applicants they must look through. Hiring managers can then look at only qualified resumes with people that are the right fit for their organization, cutting the hiring process in half. We specialize in finding people in all verticals with the specific skill set for any position. Once we know what a company is looking for and the culture of that firm, we do all the leg work. We find the qualified candidates and only send the applicants that we feel would be the best fit for that firm. Utilizing an outside recruiting source will not only save time and money, it will insure the success of the company for years to come.

Realizing today that recruiting is one of the hardest things to do in this market, a company should consider outsourcing this need. There are a lot of things that go into the recruiting process and it can be intimidating. Take the stress off yourself and your hiring manager and let us do the work for you. As a recruiting firm, our only concern is the success of all parties involved (companies and candidates). Let us help you scale your business.