Talentpair Hires Senior Product Manager Russ Pochop

04.21.2015 | Hiring, Startups | Marketing


Russ Pochop spent 23 yrs in the technology world in Seattle. He prefers the startup realm to the Dilbert-meets-Office-Space corporate experience – a brief stint at Microsoft further drove this preference home.

Russ has held multiple titles (Program Mgr, Product Mgr, Product Owner, etc.) in his career – the common thread being that they have all been technology, product and customer focused. At one point Russ took a break from tech for a year and taught adaptive skiing in Breckenridge. He and his wife decided that camping in the rain with two young kids, and fighting traffic to meet friends, was not the life they wanted to lead. So in early ’13 Russ took a job in the Engineering group at Bodybuilding.com and moved his family to Boise.

In his free time Russ can be found outside exposing his kids to the thrills of an active lifestyle…while trying to avoid ER visits.